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Mattress Cleaning

Many adults sleep an average of eight hours a day, or around 2920 hours each year. That's a lot of time on your mattress! As long as the mattress is comfortable, people tend to forget that mattresses, just like carpets and furniture, need regular cleaning and deodorizing.

Sunbird Upholstery Cleaning improves the condition of your mattress by deodorizing, stain removal and cleaning out dust, dust mites, pet dander and all those other allergy-inducing particles so that you sleep easier.

Unsightly stains and smells

Have you ever thought about what ends up on your bed? Food and beverage spills, perspiration, all kinds of bodily fluids, dead skin flakes. Sweat (and other fluids) can seep through the sheets and stain your mattress and suddenly it doesn't smell so fresh any longer.

Dead skin and dust mites

Even if you use a mattress cover specifically designed to keep out dust mites and other allergens, there is no way to keep out everything. Dust mites feast on dead skin flakes wherever they find them, even in your mattress.

If you haven't been sleeping well, if you've been waking with sinus pressure and nasal congestion, it could be that you're reacting to a dust mite infestation.

Helping you sleep better

Sunbird Upholstery Cleaning strongly recommends cleaning your mattress every six months, especially if you or someone in your household suffers from asthma or other respiratory difficulties.

When you schedule a mattress cleaning with us, our thoroughly trained and experienced technicians will use powerful industrial grade equipment to suck out dust, dust mites, dander and dead skin flakes. They will then expertly neutralize any stains, sanitize the mattress and finally deodorize with our safe, hypoallergenic solutions, leaving your whole mattress smelling fresh.

Sunbird Upholstery Cleaning's technicians are qualified to clean all kinds of mattresses with the appropriate method for every mattress type. Call us today at 267-428-1900 to schedule your free, no-obligation estimate.

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